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Shelly empowers overwhelmed business owners with efficiency & clarity so they can create incredible impact.

She is an accountant, Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, Fix-This-Next Advisor, Quickbooks Online Advanced Pro-Advisor, and Shopify Partner.

Shelly has over 30 years experience as the owner-manager of a tractor dealership and school bus business (started by her great-grandparents) with 30 employees, a 7-figure revenue, and a 6-figure inventory. 

She and her husband sold that business in 2010 and bought a 113 acre farm where she raises heritage breed cattle, chickens & turkey and sells her products direct-to-consumer at a farmer's market and via home delivery in the Pittsburgh, PA.

After years of research, experimentation & frustration, she found simple ways to automate her books using Quickbooks & Shopify, easily manage her cash flow & budget with Profit First, and streamline her farm business by Pumpkin Planning.

Implementing these systems & strategies was a Game-Changer!

The impact was so incredible that she became a Profit First Professional, a Pumpkin Plan Strategist, a Fix This Next Advisor, Quickbooks ProAdvisor and a Shopify Partner to gather the expert skills, tools & resources to share these simple systems & strategies with farmers so they can profitably grow their farms.