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You deserve more ...

You deserve more ...

About Shelly

Shelly helps overwhelmed business owners become more efficient so they can create the impact they dream of.

Besides being an accountant owning a farm selling direct-to-consumer, she is one of the select few globally to receive Certification as a Profit First Professional, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, and Fix This Next Advisor.

This means she is an expert trained and certified to guide business owners and entrepreneurs in optimizing cash flow while maximizing profits, helping them develop an organic plan to grow their business while improving quality of life, and knows how to find what needs fixed to build a strong business.

She is also Advanced Certified as a Quickbooks Online Pro-Advisor meaning she has advanced knowledge in how to use and optimize Quickbooks Online.

About Shelly

Shelly's "Why"

It's a family thing ... in the 1980's, her dad built a point of sale program from scratch and was given an award by John Deere for being the first lawn & garden dealer to computerize. She & her husband Ray bought the family business in 1990's and, as manager, she kept tech and automation a priority to honor her dad.

In 2010, they sold that business and bought the farm. And ... the hunt to automate systems & processes started all over again!

After years of research, experimentation & frustration to find ways to reduce redundant paperwork, she automated her books and marketing using Quickbooks & Shopify, set up a simple system to manage her cash flow & budget with Profit First, and streamlined her farm business by Pumpkin Planning.

Implementing these systems & strategies was a Game-Changer!

The impact was so incredible that she became a Profit First Professional, a Pumpkin Plan Strategist, a Fix This Next AdvisorQuickbooks ProAdvisor and a Shopify Partner to gather the expert skills, tools & resources to share these simple systems & strategies with farmers so they can profitably grow their farms.