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Has your dream farm turned into a cash-eating nightmare?

Tame that monster with Profit First, a simple cash flow management system outlined in the book "Profit First" by business author Mike Michalowicz.

Profit First uses bank accounts to form a dashboard so you can see your budget in real-time when you look at your bank balances - with No Mental Math

It is like the tried & true envelope system to manage a household budget where you allocate your paycheck for your expenses into envelopes but is tweaked to work for any size business.

Simple, inexpensive, and time-tested.

Profit First leverages natural behavior of regular peeps in the world, like me, who have a tendency to spend money based on our bank balance

My farm was eating money like hungry pigs in a feeding frenzy.  I had no capacity to do mental math in my head to track my budget nor did I have time to pull out a spreadsheet and work the numbers.

I tried a bunch of cash flow tools then I found Profit First. Would simply using bank accounts to create a cash flow dashboard for a business work as well as the tried & true envelope system for a household budget system?

It did and the impact on my business has been a game-changer.


May the Profits Be With You!