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Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

➣ You are doing all the right things, but your marketing is falling on deaf ears
➣ You feel pressure from your clients, prospects and competitors to lower your prices
➣ You can’t take on any more business because you can’t work any more hours. You are feeling burned out and unsure how to continue to grow

If any of the above symptoms are true for you, then you are not operating from your Sweet Spot.

As author and serial entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz points out in his book The Pumpkin Plan, growing an extraordinary business is just like growing an award winning, colossal pumpkin. Just as you must start with a special seed to grow a giant pumpkin, you must also start with a special seed – your Sweet Spot – to experience extraordinary business growth.

When you are operating from your Sweet Spot, business growth stops being hard. 

Why? Because when you are in your Sweet Spot, you are profitability selling something unique that your best clients want more of, and you have the systems, processes and people in place to easily deliver it, without your direct involvement, over and over again.

This is why I became trained and certified as a Pumpkin Plan Strategist to help you to find and operate from your Sweet Spot.  The Pumpkin Plan system contains more than 30 different tools, worksheets, and mini-guides that take the guesswork out of growing your business, and empower you to create a winning strategy, hand crafted for your unique business.

The Pumpkin Plan Coaching Program was designed specifically for small businesses. This is not corporate theory retrofitted for small business. We understand the challenges that are specific to small businesses, and we address those challenges head on.

 I am proud to be affiliated with a team of business coaches who share a passion for saving small businesses from extinction and helping them grow and thrive, using a process that gets consistently extraordinary results for our clients.

What kind of results? Results like the coaching company that hadn’t signed on a new client in months. They made a few tweaks to their offering based on the information they gleaned from our assessments, and landed 6 new clients the very next week.

Results like the overworked business owner who was ready to throw in the towel because he needed to be involved in every phase of his business. He is now planning to take a 4 week vacation completely unplugged, feeling confident that his business will continue to operate successfully and even grow in his absence.

Results like the professional services company that was constantly offering discounts in order to get business, which is now charging a premium while attracting their ideal clients.

What’s different about us? We don’t just tell you what to do. We provide the process that shows you how to do it. And we are here to support you every step of the way!