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Fix This Next - Free Chapters

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What is the biggest challenge your farm faces?

Most people don’t really know. 

We come into farming looking to make an impact but never learn to build the foundation needed to have the impact we desire.

So you just fix one problem then run to the next never going anywhere.

You get stuck in survival mode moving from need money fast  sell more ⇢ make more ⇢ do more ⇢ need money fast over and over again when you should be focusing your effort on important activities that move you closer to your goals.

These "urgent" issues sucking up your time, attention, and energy usually serve someone else's goals, not yours.

You lose money, lose time with your loved ones, and lose faith in yourself.

It doesn't need to be that way.

Fix This Next, a book by business author Mike Michalowicz, lays out a simple diagnostic tool every farmer needs to determine what to fix so you keep moving toward the impact you really started the farm to make.

This simple tool is the Business Hierarchy of Needs.

These FREE chapters cover the basics so you can get started right away.

Want to get started even faster? 
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