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Cultivate the Farm of Your Dreams

Learn simple ways to save time on your books, manage your money, and improve your quality of life.

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It's easy to get stuck in "Survival Mode" ...

You know, running around putting out fires all day?

Fixing one problem then running to the next. Moving from need money fast sell more ⇢ make more ⇢ do more ⇢ need money fast?

Wasting time, money, and energy prioritizing the wrong things because you have no intentional plan to get from A-to-B?

Are you exhausted from struggling and tired of being broke?

You Deserve So Much More ...

It's easy to get stuck in

What if you could have the life you dreamed about when you started your farm?

What would that look like?

👉 Independence?

👉 Financial Freedom?

👉 Creating Impact by taking action?

Stop Struggling!

take back your life!

1. Automate

1. Automate

Ditch redundant paperwork by automating, integrating & coordinating your books, website, point of sale, and email marketing.

The time you invest now will save you so much more time tomorrow.

2. Put Profit First

2. Put Profit First

Profit First is a simple cash flow management system using bank accounts as a dashboard to see your budget at a glance.

Leverage your behavior and develop healthy money habits with Profit First.

3. Pumpkin Plan

3. Pumpkin Plan

Leverage colossal pumpkin grower strategies to create a plan to plant, water, and weed your business to achieve organic growth.

Intentionally plan to live your ideal life on the farm of your dreams.

Start Now!

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"Shelly teaches us how to enter useful data so we can make informed business decisions, rather than acting from the gut."

Jen & Greg Montgomery
Blackberry Meadows Farm
Natrona Heights, PA

"I can see the finish line of finally feeling confident about my books thanks to you! My stress around books has been nearly eliminated and it feels so good to be caught up. THANK YOU!!!!"

Kimberly Thiessen
Living Sky Farm
Weiser, ID

You just need the resources & guidance to make it happen ...

A few words from Mike Michalowicz, the bestselling author of Profit First, Get Different, The Pumpkin Plan, Fix This Next, Clockwork and other small business must-reads about how we can help ...

Can you really afford to keep messing around?

✔︎ Wasting precious time because your paper work is not automated?

✔︎ Losing money because you don’t know where your cash is going?

✔︎ Losing sleep because you are worried about money?

✔︎ Not having confidence in your numbers?

✔︎ Not having a plan to grow the farm of your dreams?

It doesn't have to be that way!

I can help you take back your life

Hi, I'm Shelly, a Profit & Automation Coach for Farms & Shopify Sellers.

I empower overwhelmed business owners with efficiency & clarity by helping them automate their bookkeeping with Quickbooks Online & Shopify, manage their cash flow with Profit First and plan for the business of their dreams with the Pumpkin Plan method.

I took back my life with these tools and can help you take back yours too.

I can help you take back your life

Shel's Blog

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I ditched redundant paperwork with QuickBooks Online and got my bookkeeping routine down to 5-minutes-a-day, you can too.
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How to Determine your Farm's Profit First Allocations

With an easy-to-follow plan of how and when to intentionally allocate my money came more free time, less stress, and more quality to my life.
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Profit First Accounts for Farms

Simple bank accounts create a dashboard so you can see your budget at a glance.
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