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You deserve better ...

You deserve better ...


Simple systems & strategies to automate your books, manage your cash, and profitably grow your business.

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Have More Time

Have More Time

Pay Yourself

Pay Yourself

Be Confident

Be Confident

Are you caught in the "Survival Trap"?

You know, running around putting out fires all day?

Fixing one problem, then running to the next, stuck in survival mode moving from need money fast sell more ⇢ make more ⇢ do more ⇢ need money fast?

Wasting time and energy prioritizing the wrong things because you have no intentional plan to get from A-to-B?

It doesn't have to be that way ...

Are you caught in the

You deserve the farm of your dreams.

Do these sound familiar?

✔︎ "I can't take on more business because I can't work more hours."

✔︎ "I am in debt up to my eyeballs and can't pay my bills."

✔︎ "I have no time for my family or self-care."

✔︎ "I can't go on like this any more."

✔︎ "My books are messed up."

✔︎ "I am burned out."

Stop Struggling!

It's time to take your life back!

Pumpkin Plan Your Biz

Pumpkin Plan Your Biz

You deserve a plan to help you to achieve your ideal life and the create the impact you want for your legacy.

Based on the book "The Pumpkin Plan", by Mike Michalowicz, Pumpkin Planning leverages colossal pumpkin grower strategies to plant, water, and weed your business to achieve organic growth.

Put Your Profit First

Put Your Profit First

Has your dream farm has turned into a cash-eating nightmare?

Profit First is a simple cash flow management system outlined in "Profit First" by Mike Michalowicz.

Create a cash-flow budget dashboard with bank accounts so you can SEE your budget in real time.

Automate Your Books

Automate Your Books

Who has time to mess around with redundant paperwork?

Have confidence in your numbers and get your daily bookkeeping routine down to 5 minutes a day.

Automating your books will save precious time today and the resulting "good numbers" will save you money tomorrow.

Start Now!

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oh yeah, We're tight with all the right peeps ...

Testimonial from Mike Michalowicz, the bestselling author of Profit First, Get Different, The Pumpkin Plan, Fix This Next, Clockwork and other small business must-reads.

Can you really afford to keep messing around?

✔︎ Wasting precious time because your paper work is not automated?

✔︎ Losing money because you don’t know where your cash is going?

✔︎ Losing sleep because you are worried about money?

✔︎ Lack confidence in your numbers?

✔︎ Don't know where to start?

Hi, I am Shelly. The profitability of your farm matters to me - I want to help.

Your work is important.  Small farms conserve food production capacity, food security, critical skills, and the environment. We NEED your farm to be profitable to serve future generations.

I am an accountant and bookkeeper but, just like you, I own a farm, sell online, and at market. I used to track my sales on paper and spend hours every week entering sales in my books ... then I developed systems, processes and a plan ...

Today, my sales at market and online are recorded in my books automatically every day. My expense receipts and bank transactions are waiting to be sorted in QuickBooks and my bookkeeping routine takes 5 mins a day and I am done.

I can see my budget and cash position at a glance and I have a clear plan aligns my personal life, my business, and the impact I want to leave on this world as my legacy.

You can have these things too.

Hi, I am Shelly. The profitability of your farm matters to me - I want to help.